Phone +46: 0176 - 103 54
Address: Gjuterivägen 10, 761 40 Norrtälje. Sweden.

Pensionat GranparkenPensionat Granparken

We wish you a warm welcome to charming Hotel Pensionat Granparken, For more information and offers, follow us on FB Pensionat Granparken
Hillevi & Mike Lindblom with the best employees Andrea, Hanna and Tobias

BRUNCH on Sundays at charming Hotel Pensionat Granparken ♥♥♥

Time: Noon to 3 pm – 15.00 on 4/2 2018 is the first brunch for the year 2018!
Price in SEK: 195 SEK/person
Children: 0-2 years free, 3-7 years 45 SEK, 8-12 years 75 SEK
On the menu you will find salmon, shrimp cuts, salads, chicken, pies, soup, Homebaked bread, scones, cheese, homemade pastries, pancakes with jam and wipped cream, etc.. Coffee/tea and soft drinks also are included!

The children have their own little play area both indoors and outdoors in the lovely garden.

For more information and reservations please call +46 (0)176-103 54, email moc.1524671915nekra1524671915pnarg1524671915@ofni1524671915

Chocolate and Wine Tasting på Pensionat Granparken

Reservations made on the 9/5 and 29/5 and in the autumn we will organize a tasty chocolate and wine tasting.

A collaboration between Lotta Sunna-Everaere praline maker and owner of The Bean & The root of Åkersberga and Malin Jakobsson, Sommelier Wellness & Wine in Norrtälje. During relaxing conditions, we will have a tasting of chocolate and wine. How these wonderful crafts can be combined together to create pure magic.

Price in SEK: 395:-/person, Tickets will be sold through Business Roslagen,
or please stop by the front desk and book and pay for your place, swish also works, call for more information at 0176-103 54.

PS. We recommend that you have eaten something before you come, Please avoid spices, For best taste.

A warm welcome Lotta and Malin in cooperation with us on Pension Granparken

30/4 Welcome to our BBQ on Walpurgis Night at charming Hotel Pensionat Granparken.

We offer a charcoal BBQ with entrecote, tenderloin, chicken and salmon served with potato wedges, French potato salad, salads, and tasty

Time: kl.18.00-21.00

Price in SEK: 279SEK incl coffee
Childrens prices:
0-4 years free, 5-12 years 15:-/years.

Our bar offers local beers from Skebobruk and Roslagens Brygghus , Roslagens Punch and of course non-alcoholic options, such as our own applejuice from the apple trees in our garden..
For your reservation please phone +46 0176-10354 or via e-mail moc.n1524671915ekrap1524671915narg@1524671915ofni1524671915

A warm welcome, Hillevi & Mike Lindblom with fantastic staff

We will start this year's Friday-BBQs on 1 st of June 2018

We will serve a delicous and savory BBQ consisting of charcoal grilled rib, tenderloin, chicken, samon and chorizo (spicy hot dogs). Served with oven grilled potatoes, French potato salad and green salads. Granparken bearnaise, tzaziki, tomato salsa and BBQ sauce and tasty garlic bread.
Full bar with our own beer Gran park's Lager in collaboration with Roslagens Brygghus, beer from Skebobruk, West farm brewery and wine, cider, sparkling and alcohol-free options.

Price in SEK 299SEK/person
Childrens prices: 0-4 years free, 5-12 years 15:-/years.

For your reservation please phone +46 0176-103 54 or via e-mail: moc.n1524671915ekrap1524671915narg@1524671915ofni1524671915

GRANPARKEN'S summer café opens as soon as the sun comes out:), we expect that to be in May 2018

Tips: buy a GIFT VOUCHER to a best friend, your husband, wife, partner
Email us at moc.n1524671915ekrap1524671915narg@1524671915ofni1524671915 or stop by the front desk, it's our pleasure to help.
A stylish gold envelope is included.