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Address: Gjuterivägen 10, 761 40 Norrtälje. Sweden.

Pensionat GranparkenPensionat Granparken

See and Do around the coastal town Norrtälje in Sweden

Click the images for more information on whats on in the beautiful coastal area Roslagen, 45 minutes from captil Stockholm in Sweden.

Norrtälje town

World-class Roslagen – The Movie
World-class Roslagen – Trailer

Visit Vikingabyn Storholmen
Storholmen Viking Village is an Archaeological Open Air Museum, beautifully located by the large lake Erken in the region of Roslagen in Sweden. Visitors are encouraged to take part in and try activities that demonstrates how everyday life was led in the Viking Age. For example forging, baking bread, and wool crafts.
Find us: Google maps, a 10 minute drive from our hotel. There is also several local buses from town.



The new bath house, is only a 3 minute drive from Hotel Pensionat Granparken – book accomodation.

Here you will find the city's best views! The main pool is a 25-meter swimming pool with 8 courses in the new contest width 2,5 meter. the bath temperature is 27-28 grader. In the old water tower is a lagoon and waterslide. The bath house also have a recreation/spa area and a hot tub.


See this amazing inspiration video riding a SUP in Norrtäljeån (a river through the town Norrtälje)!
Filmed and produced by Mario Gianriccia Photo & Video
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Click the image for more information about what's on in the charming coastal town Norrtälje, only 45 minutes from capital Stockholm and 45 minutes from main airport Arlanda, in Sweden,
and only a 5 minute walk from our hotel.

Videos with inspiration from coastal town Norrtälje in Roslagen, Sweden.!

Wyeld Fly fly fishing in Norrtäljeån (river), see the movie click here