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Privacy policy

On 25 May 2018 replaced Data Protection Act with data protection regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), to strengthen the protection of personal data of individuals throughout the EU.

We at Kvisthamra Park Hotell AB (Pensionat Granparken) want you to feel confident about how we handle your personal information. We take great importance in your privacy and have therefore developed a data privacy regulation to explain what data we collect, what we use it for and how you can exercise your rights.


1.1 Registration of personal data

When you register with us by phone, e-mail, Online reservation or visit us, we save your contact information to effectively manage your bookings or other appropriate services with us.

(We send newsletters to inform you about special offers and current events. You can always unsubscribe from these via a link in our newsletter. Even postal mailings.) (Not used by us currently)

1.2 Newsletter (not used by us currently)

Registration for our newsletter takes on our website through a form that is linked to our system for sending e-mail. Managing your data is done in this system, but Kvisthamra Park Hotell AB, is responsible for your personal data. You can at any time choose to unsubscribe from our mailing.

1.3 Cookies and Google Analytics

On your first visit to our site automatically a so-called. cookie is sent to your computer. A cookie is a small text file containing information and stored on your computer. Cookies are used for technical reasons in order to be able to use the site in the best way and to record visitor statistics. You can disable the use of cookies in your browser settings. We also use Google Analytics to improve our service, ease of use and to analyze site usage.


We are careful when we publish pictures of people on the website or social media. Our policy is that posts that directly identifies an individual with name and photo may only be made if the person consented to the publication.

We often take pictures, and in some cases cut scenes at the events that we organize. These may be published on our website and / or our channels in social media without the consent of all see in the picture. If you want to attend an event but do not be photographed please notify this in conjunction with the notification or in the event that we respect your wishes.


Our idea when we choose to publish a picture is that it will fulfill a purpose and not perceived offensive or designation of any individual or group. If you still believe we made the publication of a picture or a post that identifies you personally and you do not feel comfortable with, contact us and we will promptly delete the image both internally and externally.


We always manage data about you in a reliable way and we will not share this information with third parties. However, we may disclose your personal information to vendors such as IT services, choice of media or advertising for our business. Recipients who handle personal information on our behalf should always include a so-called personal data assistant contract with us, in order that we can ensure that your data is handled in a proper and safe manner.

DATA COLLECTION when booking through an online travel agency (OTA)

When booking a hotel through a booking agency online, such as or, you leave your personal information to them. These personal data held responsible for and managed by each operator in accordance with their privacy policy. When a booking is made through an OTA, they send some data to the respective hotel to confirm the booking is made.

When you book through a travel agent you leave your personal information to the travel agency and agree that the travel agency treats them in their business. The travel agency can identify you such as. using your booking number.

We are not responsible for the respective actors' handling of the personal information you submitted to them directly. Do you want to delete your data, you must contact the respective booking agency.


You can request to get all information stored by a written signed request sent to us:

Kvisthamra Park Hotell AB, Address: Gjuterivägen 10, 761 40 Norrtälje. Sweden..

In the letter, we want you to provide your name, adress, e-mail, telephone number and social security number in addition to your case. Replies will be sent to your registered address.


If you believe the information we hold about you is incorrect, contact us and we will update it. Information that we no longer have use for is deleted. You can always ask us to delete your data, after any legal requirements no longer reset.

When does these Regulations apply?

Our Personal Data Regulation applies to all of our records and services linked to our website.

Our website may contain links to other websites. When you decide to visit these our Personal Data Regulation no longer apply.