Attractions in Roslagen

Norrtälje stad

Atmayala SUP and Yoga. See inspirational video
with SUP in Norrtälje stream!
Filmed and produced by
MarioGianriccia Photo & Video
You will find Atmayala middle of town!

5 minutes walk from the Hotel Guest Granparken you will find the harbor promenade. Follow it out to Borgmästarholmen and Kärleksudden. Take a dip in Love Uddens bathing.

6-7 minute walk you will find this lovely coastal, genuia gem of a town. Here you will find wonderful walking paths along the river, cafes, restaurants, quaint shops for personal shoppig.

Do not Roslag march the 14 September. Apply at Roslagsleden passes right past us.

In Roslagen are many beautiful bike trails and bike rental. Visit the tourist office in the town center for tips and cycling maps.